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Social Play.

This service has been created so our boarders can socialise with other boarders in a safe enclosed environment, while in the care of professional kennel staff.


  • This service will be offered to all our dog boarders on arrival at the kennels, it will be up to the boarder’s owner if they wish for their dog to socialise while at the kennels.

  • Once you have accepted T&C on arrival, this will be your consent for your dog to be supervised while in a social setting with other boarders.

  • The price will be stated by the reception staff on arrival.

  • All dogs will be assessed by the kennel manager or senior member of staff at the kennels, to assess if your dog will be suitable for this service. (If your dog is not suitable for this service you will not be charged and the kennel staff will give you information on why your dog did not receive this service).

  • Once your dog has been assessed and is suitable for the social time all dogs will be introduced slowly to each other to lower the risk of any accidents occurring while in social time.

  • All dogs in social time will be carefully selected so they have the right pairings in the social setting.

  • The ratio for a member of staff and dogs is 1 staff member to 10 dogs.

  • When social time has commenced there will be a member of staff supervising at all times.

  • The social time will be a 2-hour session in the morning and a 2-hour session in the afternoon.

  • We will provide Facebook pictures so you can see your dog having lots of fun.

  • In the event of an accident or an injury this will be at the owner risk, Usk boarding kennels will not take responsibility for injuries or accidents during this activity.

  • If an injury or an accident occurs during social time you will be informed immediately.

  • Over the winter months your dog may get very dirty and muddy, we do advise you to book in a bath if you do not want your dog to be dirty when collecting them.

Service will not be available to:

  • Reactive dogs in a social environment

  • Female dogs in season

  • Banned breeds under the Dangerous Dog's Act

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