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Terms & conditions of acceptance

By signing your Boarding waiver you are accepting Usk Boarding Kennels Terms and Conditions.



  • All dogs being boarded are required to have current DHP or DHPPi and L4 or L2 vaccinations with a valid certification being produced on arrival. Dogs must be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvo virus at least two weeks before the date of arrival. Dogs must also have the kennel cough vaccination at least two weeks before the date of arrival.


  • All cats being boarded at the cattery must be fully vaccinated including Tricat Trio and Duocat booster and the FelV vaccination, all cats must have been inoculated against feline enteritis, Feline Panleukopenia cat flu and Feline Calicivirus at least four weeks before the arrival date with a valid certificate produced on arrival.

Flea and Worming Treatments

  • Flea and worming treatments are not a requirement to board at the kennels, but we do advise all customers to consider flea and worming their pets before arriving at the kennels to ensure they are fully covered.

  • All customers will be asked on arrival if their pets has been flea and wormed in the last 3 months.

  • We do offer flea and worming treatment at an additional charge.

Illness or Loss

  • Whilst every possible care and attention is given to each animal boarding at the Kennels & Cattery, we cannot be held responsible for loss, either from illness or other causes.


  • The owner of the boarder will be contacted by a member of staff if there is an illness or injury to your pet and we will take the instruction off the boarder’s owner with what to do next. If the injury or illness is life threating, we will take the boarder to the veterinary surgeon immediately. Any vet fees incurred while your pet is boarding with us will remain the responsibility of the pet owner. All accounts to be settled by the dog or cat owner before departure.


  • If an animal has a medical condition of any sort, we must be notified at the time of booking.

  • If we have not been notified of such a condition or course of medication, we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Aggressive / Destructive Temperaments

  • We do accept animals with aggressive or destructive temperaments at the discretion of Usk Boarding Kennels.

  • In cases where animals are left in our care that prove to be aggressive towards other animals or staff, or destructive to our facilities, we may contact you to arrange their removal.

  • All damage caused by a boarder will be chargeable to the pets owner.

  • We have a 2-strike policy if your pet bites or injures a member of staff we will inform you either by phone or on collection. If it happens twice, we will refuse your pet to board with us again as it is a safety concern for our staff.

Bedding & Toys

  • We supply plastic hygienic beds, soft bedding or platform bed for both cats and dogs.

  • We request that you provide any soft bedding that you wish your Pet to have during his / her stay.

  • We take no responsibility for loss or damage to any supplied bedding, leads or toys.




  • Deposits  will be required during the summer holiday and Christmas periods, this is a minimum charge of two days.

  • Once you have paid the deposit your booking will be secured.

  • The deposit is refundable if you cancel fourteen days before the day of arrival.

  • If you cancel within the fourteen days of arrival it is a non-refundable deposit.

  • Deposits can be paid either by cash, card or Bank transfer.

Working Hours

  • Boarders are accepted during business hours only. Collection and drop off times are Monday to Sunday 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm.



Late Charge

  • If the customer is late to collect and the time is after 4:30pm a charge will be added on to the final bill this will be a fee of £15.00.


Minimum Charge

  • We have a minimum charge of two days at the kennels, after the second day of boarding if you collect your pet before 12:00pm you will not get charged for that day, if you collect after 12:00pm we will add on the daily rate for that day.


Holiday closing dates

  • The kennels are closed to the public on the following days – Christmas eve from 12pm, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day.


Payment for Boarding

  • Boarding fees are payable on the time boarders are collected, only cash or card is accepted. We no longer accept cheques.


  • When you make a booking with Usk Boarding Kennels & Cattery, you are entering into a contract. In order to properly perform our side of the contract we need to record details relating to you and your pet(s). we will take reasonable care of your personal data and only process it fairly and lawfully under the terms of the GDPR (General data protection regulations). Please see our privacy policy.

Rude or Abusive behaviour

  • If a member of staff is spoken to in a rude or abusive manner, we will politely ask you to leave the site immediately.

  • We have a zero tolerance on rude or abusive behaviour.


Social Media

  • Unless you explicitly instruct us otherwise, we may photograph or film your pets while they are with us and use as part of our marketing both online and social media.


Agreeing Terms and Conditions.

  • On signing your pets boarding card you are accepting Usk Boarding Kennels & Cattery terms and conditions.

  • I agree to boarding my pet at Usk Boarding Kennels & Cattery LTD under the above conditions.


Neglection of pet

  • If my pet is not collected within fourteen days of the date when it is due to leave the kennels, and no communication is received to the kennels manager, Usk Boarding Kennels & Cattery LTD have authority to sell or otherwise remove the pet/s at the boarding owner’s discretion.

Additional services

  • When this document has been sign you are also accepting our terms and conditions for the additional services if you choose to add this on to your booking (T&C can be found on our website and in the reception)


All reasonable care will be exercised to protect the health and safety of your pet, however boarding is at your own risk. Any veterinary costs incurred during the boarding period must be met by yourself. By accepting our terms and conditions of boarding. You absolve Usk Boarding Kennels & Cattery LTD, in the absence of gross negligence, of all liability for illness, injury or death of your pet.

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