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Social play

Providing social stimulation while boarding.


Social play

We are now offering social play for our dog boarders, We have created this service as we feel social play is a very important part of a dogs life and having a positive experiences through social interaction is essential for all dogs.

Supervised social play

During social play all dogs will be supervised by an experienced member of staff.

All dogs will be assed by an experienced member of staff before entering social play to ensure that all boarders are safe during their social time.

The supervisor of the social play will pick dogs who are most compatible or similar personalities to ensure safe play.


During social play

Social play will be offered to all of our boarders for an additional charge.

Social play will be conducted from Thursday to Monday.

2 Hours or 4 Hours social play.

Dog to staff ratio is 1 to 10 dogs

All dogs will have access to water, toys and a lot of attention during play time.

Boarder safety is our priority.

T&C will apply.

If you have any questions please ask a member of staff.

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