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At Usk boarding kennels we have 4 blocks of dog kennels. They are all fully heated kennels, with an indoor sleeping area and an outdoor run. Our standard sized kennels are suitable for 2 medium sized dogs sharing or 1 large and 1 small sized dogs. Our large kennels are suitable for 2 large dogs sharing. 

Meadow view cattery is set away from the dog kennels, overlooking open fields. The cattery is in a block of 10, each individually heated. They are fitted with a sleeping area, cat security corridor and an individual run. Each kennel is suitable to board 2 cats. 


Our small animal shed is fitted with 10 hutches and a run. The hutches are suitable for 2 small animals. We can accommodate for a range of small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and reptiles.  

We offer our safe and secure outdoor enclosure to hire. 30 minute slots and 1 hour slots are available.

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