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Boarding must haves

  • Full vaccinations - Tricat trio (Covering feline enteritis and flu).

  • Vaccination booklet on arrival (This will need to be produced to reception staff on arrival, if you don’t have this booklet, we will not be able to take your cat in for boarding).

  • Cat carrier.

Optional for boarding

  • Bedding

  • Food 

  • Treats/Toys

  • Cat litter

*We supply all of the above included in the price, there is no discount for bringing your own*


Please ensure your cat is regularly treated for worms & fleas as recommended by your veterinary surgeon. 


At Usk boarding kennels we accept cats on medication. Full details and medication must be given to the receptionist (please bring medication in the original labelled veterinary package) and please be sure to bring enough of the medication. We do three medication rounds a day and do checks for problems that do not have medication to administer but need monitoring. Please keep us fully informed of any problems. There is no charge for administering medication, if your cat has had any recent operations, injuries, wounds or stitches please inform reception staff on arrival so this can be monitored while boarding.

If your cat has a nervous or aggressive nature to humans.  Please ensure you talk to management to discuss the needs of your cat and the suitability to board, we may also need to discuss the procedure on arrival, we need to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Please be aware that we may not be able to do our normal checks that could put our members of staff at risk.

Cat biscuits we provide
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Cat meat we provide

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