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Please be aware we have a 2 day minimum charge  for an over night stay.

Once you have submitted your information please wait for a confirmation email for your booking to be confirmed.

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*Please include breed of dog when booking*

*If you are booking in more than one pet, please only use one form for all animals*

If you require your pet to be collected please give us a call us on 01291675459 or add into extra information box.                                                                   


At Usk boarding kennels, only fully vaccinated dogs and cats are boarded. We require dogs and cats to be annually vaccinated by their vets. The main vaccination required covers distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, leptospirosis and parainfluenza. We also require the vaccine against infections bronchitis (kennel cough), please advise you veterinary surgeon that this is required. When puppies have completed their full course of vaccines they are welcome to board after 4 weeks have passed (after the last vaccine injection.) *Please be aware that if you let your dog's vaccinations go overdue it can take injections a month apart to get up to date to be able to board again.    

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